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About Us

While often thought of as ‘generalists’, not all home inspectors bring the same level of experience, eduction or knowledge to the table. With over 30 years of remodeling, 20 years of claim adjusting, 15 years of forensic failure analysis, as well as, being a ‘Certified Residential Thermographer’, our inspector bring more than most.

Forensic failure analysis is an investigation into the catastrophic failure of a structure, system or component to determine how it failed, why it failed and what can be done to improve or negate similar occurrences. This type of investigation requires a unique skill set, one with a solid understanding of common building practices and a much greater knowledge of electrical, plumbing, heating, venting, air conditioning, structural design, materials, etc. It is also critical to have a solid understanding of the inter-dependency of various systems and how they interact with each other.

While many clients do not appear concerned when we identify a missing shear panel, un-bonded CSST, or a slight sign of rollout, our inspector has worked multiple investigations in which these specific deficiencies resulted in both catastrophic failures and weather to one or more people. He’s familiar with how and why the incidents occurred, and more importantly, how they could easily have been avoided to save innocent lives.

A quality home inspection is much more than simply a checklist of the systems and components within a structure, what is working, what is not. It should provide an understanding to the client of the homes true condition, what are the defects, how will they affect other systems and components of the home, and how they can be corrected.


As a thank you to those who serve, we provide a $50 discount to all active duty, reserve and veterans of our US Armed Forces.